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Aleksandra Bortich Bikini

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Aleksandra Bortich Bikini Pics

About Aleksandra Bortich

Aleksandra Bortich is a Belarusian movie actress known for her lead roles in the feature films I Am Losing Weight, Viking, and Dukhless 2. She has also starred in Russian TV dramas such as An Ordinary Woman, Jackal, and To Marry Pushkin.

Bortich was born on September 24th, 1994 in Svietlahorsk, Belarus. As a child, she studied music and focused on playing the saxophone. After attempting to attend theater school in Moscow but not passing auditions initially, she worked as a waitress and continued auditioning until landing her first role on a television episode.

With an Instagram account boasting over 800,000 followers under the handle “bortich,” she shares career photos, modeling sessions, family pictures and event vlogs.

For her work on the Russian film magazine Kinopoisk, Bortich was named Most Popular Actress of 2017.

In terms of family life: after her parents’ divorce when she was young; Bortich moved with her mother to Grodno in Lithuania to continue pursuing her music studies. Her full name is Aliaksandra Mikalaewna Bortsich. She had been married previously to entertainers Ilya Malanin and Vyacheslav Vorontsov before having a son named Alexander Savelev with her current partner Evgeny Savelev.