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imageI bought a couple long sleeve NFL shirts a few months back and have been wearing them religiously. They were/are super comfortable and have been holding up extremely well after many wash cycles (Wash with cold water/delicate cycle and tumble dry low heat has been my method). As it's gotten quite a bit hotter this summer in my neck of the woods (NorCal SF Bay Area), despite the long sleeve versions still being very comfortable to wear (I just pull the sleeves up to my elbows), I decided to buy a couple of these short sleeves. My heather blue one is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, however, I receive the dark heather grey 2 days ago and admittedly, wore it both the day it arrived and all day yesterday too, I couldn't help it. It fit fantastic, I'm 6', 237.5 lbs, exercising 7 days a week and I'm wearing size XXL (currently). Very comfortable, I love the material, wicks moisture away fantastically mitchell and ness jerseys wholesale just fits great. These are literally my favorite shirts now. I've recently bought some nice style, very soft cotton shirts and despite the quality of those shirts being fantastic as well and the cotton being super soft, much softer than I'm accustomed to (with regard to cotton shirts), at the end of the day, I still much prefer this material against my skin than even the super soft cotton shirts. I'll get a few more of these even, just to have a nice color variety and to be able to wear a fresh one each day of the week. Love them
I just started running a few months ago so I bought a few different styles of shirt and this one is by far my favorite.
The material is very light so I barely feel it on me while running. It's the next best thing to running without a shirt on.
The wicking is pretty good for the price, but like someone else said, it does retain some moisture. Not a deal breaker for me. It is very comfortable while running so it's nothing noticeable.
I have the 5 inch inseam shorts from NFL as well. They make great products for this price point as far as I'm concerned.

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