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Introduction of the components of the film blowing machine

Blow Membrane is a plastic processing method, which refers to a plastic processing technology in which plastic particles are heated and melted and then blown into a film. Usually, the polymer is extruded to form a tubular film blank, which flows in a better melt flow. In the state, the tube film is blown to the required thickness by high-pressure air, and it becomes a film after being cooled and shaped. The quality of the film material blown by this process is related to the film blowing machine and plastic particles. Film blowing machine is a machine that heats and blows plastic particles into plastic film. The film blowing machine has the advantages of simple structure, low investment, and quick product effect; high mechanical properties of the film; no edge material and less waste; the film product is cylindrical and the bag-making process is simple; it can produce a wide film.

 The separation type screw divides the melting section into a solid bed and a melt bed. The width and depth of the solid bed gradually become smaller, and the width and depth of the melt bed gradually become larger, and finally become the width and depth of the metering section.

1. Feed zone.The volume of the screw groove in the feeding section remains unchanged. The material is in a solid state, and the main purpose is to transport the material forward as soon as possible.

2. Melting zone. The volume of the screw groove in the compression section gradually decreases. The material changes from solid to molten. The main purpose of the material is to change from solid to molten.

3. Melt pumping zone.The volume of the screw groove in the metering section remains unchanged. The material is completely in a molten state, and the main purpose is to make the material fully plasticized and send the material to the machine head at a fixed amount and pressure.

The cooling method of PE Blown Film Machine can be divided into two types: external cooling and internal cooling.

    1. The external cooling method is the earliest application method. Under the action of the cooling ring, cooling air is released from a circular ring along the extrusion direction and the outer surface of the bubble to generate uniform cooling air around the ring. Inside the cooling ring, the air at the upper port is discharged at a faster average speed than that on the lower port. It is ensured that the shape of the film bubble is consistent with that of the air cooling ring, so that the average flow velocity of the air increases and thus the heat transfer is improved.

     2. The internal cooling directly dissipates heat through the film bubble for cooling purposes. Because the flow rate of the air in the bubble is relatively low and has no regularity, external cooling is more widely used in the market. In the blowing process of the film blowing machine, in order to ensure the quality of the film product, the stability of the film bubble before the film is formed must be considered in order to effectively control the product qualification rate. The output of blown film of the film blowing machine is not only restricted by the film bubble, but also the cooling system of the film blowing machine. A complete cooling system can help the PE Film Blowing Machine work and run rationally.

With the rapid development of industrial technology, the film blowing machine has mastered the skilled production process, but compared with the more advanced technology level in foreign countries, there are still some gaps in some aspects, in order to obtain the development of the film blowing machine. In order to enter the international market, we must let the film blowing machine develop in a new direction.

A special plastic wrap blown by the film blowing machine, using advanced technology to make fruits and vegetables durable. The cling film is composed of a transparent film of a nylon semi-packaging machine. The film is nearly transparent and has good water permeability. A certain amount of sand syrup is placed in the interlayer to gently wrap the surface of the article. The film must be environmentally friendly. It is harmless and has strong water permeability. It can absorb fruit and vegetable juice to achieve fresh-keeping purpose. This special raw material requires high-end traction and drawing ability of the ABA Film Blowing Machine to ensure the toughness and breathability of the product film. Food packaging is the most used film. In the field, the high-grade film blown out by the film blowing machine can be used as a commodity packaging promotion to enhance commercial value. generate more money. If you are interested, purchase the top-quality film blowing machine.


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