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All ethnic Chinese around the world celebrate Chinese New Year 2022 by gathering together with family, friends, and relatives. On Chinese New Year's Eve, they usually gather with their extended family for dinner. Right at the turn of the Chinese New Year, Chinese people pray to God to express gratitude and gratitude. In addition, the Chinese also pray to their ancestors and relatives who have died for respect, as well as the bestowing of the merits of the deceased when he was still alive. In Chinese New Year celebrations, Chinese people usually hold celebratory events to celebrate the blessings that have been obtained and also to get blessings throughout the new year. Chinese people also visit various Chinese New Year events and festivals. In Singapore, Chinese and non-Chinese people can attend and see the excitement of the Chinese New Year celebration by coming to the Singapore Chinese Cultural Center. SCCC (Singapore Chinese Cultural Center) is a Chinese cultural organization and a place for the preservation of Chinese culture and the gathering of Chinese people. Here people can learn various kinds of Chinese culture, Chinese history, Chinese handicrafts, and many other positive things.

Singapore Chinese Cultural Center is located at 1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906
+65 6812 7222 (O)
+65 6812 7200 (F)
Office hours: 9am - 6pm, Mon to Fri
For opening hours of our SINGAPORE exhibition please contact us.

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