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Benefits Of Using Adjustable Feet

We manufacture a selection of Adjustable Feet designed for use with machinery, tables, and furniture. Each style of product on offer use premium materials such as zinc coated steel, stainless steel, nylon, and TPR rubber to provide a high performance product. Typically, Adjustable Feet feature a male metric thread (or stud) and can be used in conjunction with any female threaded item. These include threaded nuts, brackets, or inserts as common mounting options.

We keep a huge variety of standard, medium duty and heavy duty options in stock with various weight ratings (from 50kg up to 5,000kg per foot). These are effective to level off, raise the height, or increase the stability of machinery. Our products are also effective as table feet, as well as a variety of other furniture.

Our Adjustable Feet are renowned for their ease of fitment and adjustability. They have the capacity to add or decrease height after installation . Above, we have collated solutions for all surfaces and installation requirements, from tilting threads to low profile versions, which aim to provide a discrete finish to furniture, tables and machinery.

Weight Rated Versions Are Recommended For Adding Height To Tables, Heavy Furniture or Machinery.

Benefits Of Using Adjustable Feet

Largest range of Adjustable Furniture Feet styles and sizes

Manufactured from a selection of premium, durable materials

Excellent for height adjusting tables, furniture or machinery

High load ratings of up to 5,000kg per foot

Why stainless steel adjustable feet made of stainless steel?

Many people wonder why stainless steel adjustable feet are made of stainless steel, and what are the benefits?Quite simply, stainless steel has certain technical properties that make it suitable for the food and healthcare industries. The biggest of said properties is the material's resistance to corrosion. Keep in mind that we're not discussing oxidization, which is a process commonly mistaken for corrosion.

Oxidation is a process in which materials react with oxygen from the environment, something that's not very desirable when you're working with carbon steel. However, since stainless steels have very low carbon content (less than 0.07%) and high chromium and nickel content (approx 17% and 13%, respectively), these materials also oxidize, but differently.

When exposed to oxygen from the environment, stainless steel oxidizes but does not corrode. They form a layer of Chromium-oxide, which protects stainless steel from the chemical solvents from the environment, giving stainless steel their corrosion resistance. This also makes them chemically stable, in that they don't release any compounds into the environment — something very important for food and healthcare industries.

Food Industry

The food industry usually relies on AISI 304 stainless steel series for food-processing equipment, machinery, and parts. Everything from giant processing tanks, couplings and their fastening bolts, handwheels, valves, latches, knobs, and toggle clamps — absolutely everything that's near processed food must be made of stainless steel — even spring plungers in some cases.

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry usually relies on AISI 316 stainless steel due to better corrosion resistance. Surgical implants are usually made of 316LN which has no nickel and can't cause an immune response. Medical and surgical instruments such as needles and scalpels are single-use only, which are made of 440 stainless steel AISI product line, which has excellent edge retention, but lower corrosion resistance compared to the 316 series.

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