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EUROPART spare parts suitable for trucks from MAN

You can obtain wearing parts and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of your MAN truck quickly and reliably from EUROPART. Our product range covers all current and also older MAN models from the TGL, TGM, TGS, TGA and TGX series. EUROPART can also supply spare parts for the F2000, M2000M/L and L2000 series. This covers all parts of the vehicle including the chassis, engine, braking systems, lighting, electrics and vehicle equipment.

The tradition-rich manufacturer MAN (“Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg” [“Augsburg-Nuremberg Machine Factory”]) now belongs to VW. Through the integration of the Brazilian VW factory in the MAN Latin America Division, the Munich-based company is well established outside Europe, particularly in South America. In China, a partnership has been developed with CNHTC (China National Heavy Truck Corporation) and the relatively new trademark is called Sitrak. MAN also supplies emerging markets in Asia and Africa with the heavy-duty CLA series manufactured in India. The current European range covers the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series.

TGL and TGM are both equally well associated with distribution and sometimes also with light use on construction sites. TGL covers the light category from 7.5 to 12.0 tonnes gross weight. For the power unit, you can select the 4.5 litre four-cylinder D0834 with 110, 132 or 162 kW (150, 180 or 220 PS) or the 6.9 litre six-cylinder D0836 with 184 kW (250 PS). This can be combined with manual six-speed and nine-speed gearboxes or the semi-automatic MAN Tipmatic (six-speed for the four-cylinder engine and twelve-speed for the six-cylinder engine). Cabs are available in the short (C) variant or the long variant with two roof heights (L or LX). The TGM is also available with a double cabin for up to seven people. The standard power unit is the 6.9 litre engine with 184, 213 or 250 kW (250, 290 or 340 PS). A manual nine-speed gearbox is standard for the series but Tipmatic can also be requested as an option. As a 4x2 two-axle vehicle, the TGM is offered in 12-tonne, 15-tonne and 18-tonne versions. It is also available as a 6x2 and 6x4 three-axle vehicle.

The two heavy-duty series TGS and TGX can both be configured equally well for road use and construction site use. MAN supplies the TGS with the D2066 and D2676 six-cylinder in-line engines with a cylinder capacity of 10.5 or 12.4 litres respectively. For the D2066, you can choose a power of 235 or 265 kW (320 or 360 PS) and for the D2676 you can choose 294, 324 or 353 kW (400, 440 or 480 PS). A 16-speed manual gearbox is fitted as standard but alternatively there is the Tipmatic twelve-speed semi-automatic gearbox. The TGS is offered in two-axle, three-axle and four-axle variants from 4x2 to the heavy-duty 8x8 all-wheel drive tipper truck. There is an additional option of the MAN Hydrodrive engageable front-wheel drive. There is also the TGS for extreme terrain and climate conditions including the export model TGS WW (“Worldwide”). Cabs are available in the variants medium (M) and long with two roof heights (L or LX).

5 freight truck features to protect and support Indian drivers

1. Axle load indicator system

Truck drivers endanger their own lives and thousands of other lives when transporting overloaded cargo – a common delinquency on Indian roads. The risk of an accident of irreparable damage is exponentially increased when the cargo includes hazardous substances that rank as flammable, explosive or highly toxic to human life. As always, the driver alone is responsible to carry the load cautiously.

Axle load indicators are truck scales or weight gauges that employ pressure sensors installed in the truck’s bellows to measure the current stress applied to each axle. These values are communicated to a centralised control unit that computes shifting axle loads and displays real-time figures on a digital driver display screen.

Axle load indicator systems can also be fitted to include multiple alarm systems that monitor critical weight conditions to alert both the driver and remote stakeholders, such as consignors or fleet operations, about impending risk. Some indicators are embedded with air bag suspension systems that measure axle loads in proportion to air pressure – an inexpensive and durable method of accurately informing the driver about shifting axle pressure and consequent vehicle conditions.

2. Air suspension seating system

Indian truck drivers can spend as much as fifteen hours a day seated within the narrow quarters of their vehicle and, effectively, their second home. Air suspension systems employ technology and decades of ergonomic design studies to manifest scientifically sound seating that is proven to reduce driver fatigue, limit joint and back pain and ensure quicker recovery from long haul trips. The seats, fitted with electromagnetic motors at their base, absorb shock values affected by uneven terrain, ensuring steadiness to lower discomfort and increase steering control.

According to a study conducted by BoseRide, 94% of surveyed drivers reported reduced fatigue and 80% acknowledged that improved driving conditions could prolong their careers. Air suspension seating could also be fitted with numerous adjustment controls to set driver posture according to smooth, moderately uneven and highly rough road conditions. The settings improve driver concentration, limiting vibrations to maintain steady exterior and rear view assessments when travelling through inhospitable terrain or weather.

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