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The Best Parking Barrier Gates: How Do They Work?

What parking solutions could help your parking situation? Do you need barrier gates or pay stations? How do barrier gates even work? The Parking Barrier gates can work in a lot of different ways. This will depend on your parking area’s needs and payment processes. Smart Parking Systems are anything that helps the traffic flow and security of a parking lot or garage. This can mean anything from counting the number of spaces that are still available to payment collection. If it helps you find a space, make payment, or prevents some people from entering the parking lot, then it’s part of a parking solution.There are a lot of ways that this can happen. A city might use an app to keep track of capacity, for example. Some places might have pay stations placed in convenient locations for people to pay for their parking or add more time.Some buildings might even use barrier gates to ensure safety and payment. These prevent people from going in or out without proper identification, payment, or both. Barrier gates, or parking gates, are a very common parking solution. These ensure that every person that goes in or out of the parking lot will need to pay either when they enter or when they leave. They can even help keep count of how many spaces are still available.

There are several ways that barrier gates can work.

Ticket System

The most common use of a barrier gate is a ticket system. These help keep track of how much to charge everyone and who still hasn’t paid. This usually happens when you first enter the parking lot or garage.

When you first approach the parking lot or garage, you have to approach the barrier. By pressing a button, the barrier control will print a ticket for you. Once you take the ticket, the barrier opens.

Access Control

This system is generally for apartment buildings, offices, or even hotels. However, cities can also use them to offer frequent visitors special rates on parking. In these cases, you’re given an authorized credential such as the room key from a hotel. This gives you access to enter a specified parking lot. This system doesn’t usually require payment. This system can apply to gated communities or apartment complexes to let residents in or out without issue. It can also be applied to office buildings for employees. Some cities may even have a pass system that gives users free or reduced parking fees during certain times. You can even give temporary access control to service workers who need to enter regularly. This gives them a window that they can enter the parking lot during.

Call Button

If your barrier gates have an access control system, then there should also be a way for visitors to enter too. This allows residents or employees to receive guests and services such as plumbers or pest control. A common solution to this problem is a call button. Upon arrival, guests have the system call their host to let them inside the gate. This helps prevent any uninvited guests from entering the complex.

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