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Vaporizers are a trend that is here to stay. They provide a safer, healthier alternative to smoking or traditional dab rigs. In California, vape sales make up ⅘ of the cannabis concentrates market according to cannabis retail sales tracking analytics. The fastest growing vaporizers are disposable vape pens.Disposable vaporizers provide a compact, convenient option. They are taking over the market as they are preferred by most people who are vaping outside of the home.In every state with legal cannabis, disposable vapes pens have seen significant growth in sales in this year alone. The vaporizer trend is expected to continue and repeat in Canada as well.Disposable vape pens are the most discreet and portable option for smoking cannabis.Although there are many vaporizers that offer portability, disposables require no maintenance or charging. Some even come preloaded with set dosages and enough battery to use up all the cannabis inside. Once empty, the vape pen is disposed of and replaced.

Disposables are the most convenient vape pens on the market. The vaporizer battery lasts for the full use, so there is no need to charge before vaping. You just pick up and go. They are even prefilled, taking out any of the work for the user. There’s no need for maintenance or cleaning since they are simply thrown out when emptied.

The size is also a convenience factor. Small and sturdy, users can throw a disposable vape in their bag or stuff it in their pockets for easy and convenient transport. Even those who own non-disposable vaporizers often purchase disposables for use on-the-go.

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